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Autos BahiaSol is a young company born from the union of vast experience in the car rental industry of its various members. Dedicated to rent a car with driver located in Malaga with the availability of resources existing fleet and the accumulated experience of our staff, we get the satisfaction of all our customers.


To expedite your travel schedule, we accompany you in designing the plan shifts adapting to their needs.

We handle design along with our customer the best plan tailored to the needs of the act or event, is the place where you are traveling to, throughout the territory. Our staff will help you plan your trip and stay and advise you on the distribution and management of schedules, so you can monetize your time and attend to other aspects of your program more carefully as resting, prepare a lecture, talking with a client, etc.

Moreover, in the case of renting vehicles for weddings or other events, our drivers are fully prepared to free you from unnecessary worry. In Cars BahiaSol not contemplate or delays or problems of any kind and we customize our cars to the decor that best suits the event.

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